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Carlos Klein Zanini


Doutorado em Direito Comercial (USP, 2002)

Graduação em Direito (UFRGS, 1993)

Informações Adicionais

Membro da Ordem dos Advogados do Brasil (OAB), Seções do Rio Grande do Sul e São Paulo

Vice-Diretor – Faculdade de Direito da UFRGS (2012 – 2016)

Professor Titular de Direito Comercial – Faculdade de Direito da UFRGS

Coordenador do Programa de Pós-Graduação – Faculdade de Direito da UFRGS (2006 – 2010)

Chefe do Departamento de Direito Privado da UFRGS (2011 – 2014)

Membro do Instituto Brasileiro de Direito Comercial

Membro do IBR – Instituto Brasileiro de Estudos de Recuperação de Empresas

Ex-Coordenador do Instituto Brasileiro de Direito Empresarial – IBRADEMP


Band 1 como Leading Individuals em Corporate/Commercial – South, desde 2015 (Chambers Latin America)

– “Excellent” Carlos Klein Zanini is held in high esteem by clients, with one source stating: “He is very knowledgeable, and has great business sense and outstanding negotiation skills,” and adds: “Our relationship of trust with him is fundamental to our businesses.” Carlos has a distinguished track record in corporate law, leading complex cases in M&A transactions and corporate contracts. – Chambers Latin America, 2022

– Carlos Klein Zanini is a well-established and seasoned practitioner, with strong activity in consumer and commercial law disputes. He also offers notable knowledge leading complex cases in corporate law. A client says: “Carlos has distinguished negotiation skills.” – Chambers Latin America, 2022

– A client describes Carlos as “brilliant,” while another interviewee highlights “his sharp negotiating skills and outstanding technical knowledge.” Peers also recognise his noteworthy role in the corporate/commercial arena, describing him as “an excellent regional expert.” – Chambers Latin America, 2021

– Clients are full of praise for co-head of department Carlos Klein Zanini’s expertise in corporate mandates, with one of them saying: “He enjoys vast experience and provides quick and objective responses, which makes him a very trustable lawyer”. – Chambers Latin America, 2021

– Carlos is a strategic lawyer who promotes a more holistic view of cases.” Other sources report that “he boasts a high level of knowledge in civil and corporate law,” adding that “he is an able conciliator acting for the solution of problems.” Zanini assists with a wide range of commercial disputes. “He is experienced and up to date in relation to the legislation” – Chambers Latin America, 2020

– Carlos Klein Zanini garners praise due to the strength of his capabilities dealing with corporate mandates. One client enthuses: “He is extremely knowledgeable and an amazing negotiator who has an incredible ability to read a negotiation table. When a technical issue is being discussed, he can use his expertise and intelligence to show how his position is the correct one,” while another source adds: “He helps clients to understand the global strategy of any deal and develops a close relationship with them, no matter if they are in Brazil or abroad.” An impressed commentator concludes: “Carlos is a corporate law genius.” – Chambers Latin America, 2020

– “He has in depth knowledge of the legislation and effectively protects from exposure.”  – Chambers Latin America, 2019

– “A reference in corporate law throughout Brazil”. Clients highlight his “profound understanding of business, finance and accounting, which is fundamental for proposing new alternatives and drafting agreements that are aligned with clients’ needs.” – Chambers Latin America, 2019

– Market observers report that department head Carlos Klein Zanini “has great technical ability and experience.” Another highlights his negotiation skills and “very profound knowledge.” – Chambers Latin America, 2018

– Head of department Carlos Klein Zanini is well respected for his corporate law expertise and related dispute resolution practice. “He is agile, available and has great interpersonal skills. He inspires great confidence,” notes one client. – Chambers Latin America, 2018

– Highly respected corporate expert Carlos Klein Zanini is commended by his peers as an “excellent lawyer who definitely stands out.” They go on to underline his “great professional experience.” – Chambers Latin America, 2017

– He has a solid background in the corporate arena and he has experience representing big companies. On top of that, we valued his pragmatic approach and negotiation skills” – Chambers Latin America, 2016

– The active Carlos Klein Zanini is highly valued by market sources. They describe him as ‘a committed, assertive and experienced lawyer.’” – Chambers Latin America, 2016

– Sources are full of praise for Carlos Klein Zanini’s responsiveness and skills in the corporate arena. They go on to describe him as “a dynamic lawyer who simplifies things and is very business minded.” – Chambers Latin America, 2015